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Growing an online business is difficult. We make it easy for you. We offer premier WordPress website management services so you don’t have to think about your website and can focus on what matters the most for your business instead.


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WP Settle provides a comprehensive solution for your WordPress issues.

With WP Settle’s WordPress website maintenance services, you can focus on your business while our team of experts secure, update and grow your website.

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Our team will explain our website access requirements. We then conduct a full WordPress site audit to determine its health.



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WordPress Management Made Easy

If you’re anything like us, your website is your baby. Choose to work with the company that provides comprehensive premium WordPress support services.

Website Maintenance Service

We Fix WordPress Issues

Minor website issues shouldn’t necessitate a lengthy investigation followed by a bill for fixes. Up to 15 minutes of problem-solving time is included at no extra cost in all WP Settle plans. Many times, we can get things settle in that time frame.


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Website Maintenance Service

eCommerce Experts

Focus on expanding your brand, products, and sales while our skilled development team takes care of your online store’s maintenance and support needs.


Website Maintenance Service

Speed & Performance Optimization

We analyze the effect of problematic plugins, poorly coded themes, excessively large graphics, the caliber of your site server, and the influence of external ad networks. Then, we get down to business and put into action the industry’s best practices so that your site functions like clockwork.


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Page Speed Optimization

Your website’s page performance will be optimised in accordance with Google’s most recent page speed insight recommendations. Your page loads will be under 2 seconds after we’re done.


Weekly Software Updates

Each week, we will manually update all of your WordPress plugins, themes, and core files. When we’re done on Mondays, we’ll send you a confirmation report to let you know.


24/7 Support & Website Monitoring

We will regularly check your website. Within 60 seconds of discovering that your website is down, we will begin fixing the problem. You can reach out to us at any time. 


Dedicated Account Manager

Get to know a dedicated account manager who is familiar with you, your website, and your business and is available via email or phone to address any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise.


Uptime Monitoring

Don’t worry; if your site goes down, we’ll be the first to know and fix it! We’ll take care of any problems we find, usually before you even notice they exist.


Site Restores

Want to undo recent changes to your site or start fresh after a hack? We can quickly and easily restore a backup of your website, bringing it back to its original state.


Perhaps this is the answer you've been seeking, right? Great! Okay, so let's get this going.


Frequently Asked WordPress Support Questions

If the answer can be found online, why wait for an email response? Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions that we’ve received.


What does your website maintenance plan include?

Our maintenance plans include unlimited content updates such as images, text, banners, and theme settings. Plugin settings and custom CSS changes are also included. Unfortunately, we do not offer PHP changes, theme/plugin code changes, graphic design, or assistance with creating new websites.

Do you offer eCommerce website maintenance packages?

We certainly do! Our Pro and Premium website maintenance plan is required for advanced WordPress websites such as eCommerce and multi-language websites.

How much is WordPress website maintenance cost?

The normal WordPress website maintenance cost in Malaysia varies depending on the site's traffic and features. Average monthly website maintenance fees between RM250 and RM2,000 per month, while more extensive plans can cost several thousand ringgit per month. Finding the best provider for your needs and budget requires doing some research and comparing prices and services offered by various vendors.

Do you provide website maintenance task list to clients?

Yes, you may find our maintenance task list in our pricing page here.

Do you carry out plugin maintenance for WordPress?

Yes, as part of our all-inclusive WordPress Maintenance Service, we perform plugin maintenance. To guarantee optimal performance and compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, our team of experts will regularly update your plugins. In addition to fixing any problems that may arise, we also offer advice on useful plugins that can expand your website's capabilities. Our plugin maintenance services will give you peace of mind, knowing that your website is in capable hands and running at peak performance.

Can I get multiple websites maintained?

Of course, you can have as many websites maintained as you want. Our pricing plans include one website. If you have multiple websites on subdomains, for example, Superbthemes.com and blog.superbthemes.com, they count as two separate websites.

Is it possible to get phone call support?

At the moment, we only provide email and Telegram support. It would be impossible to offer such low prices for phone call supports.

Does it matter what hosting company I'm using?

It makes no difference to us which hosting service you use. If you're fed up with your current hosting provider, we'll gladly assist you in switching to a new one.

What's your support & response time?

The short answer is between 1 and 4 hours. When you submit a support ticket, you will immediately receive an automated response confirming that we have received your email. Our support team will send you an email within 1-4 hours. They'll let you know if the problem has been resolved. If it's a complicated problem, they'll give you an estimated completion date.

How do your WordPress update services work?

During low-traffic hours, our team manually updates your themes, plugins, and WordPress core. It is done once a week. Every Monday, you'll receive a report detailing exactly what we've changed. If something goes wrong, we always have backups ready to ensure you don't have any downtime. If you prefer, we can perform the updates on your staging server first.

Can you help with malware & hacked websites?

Yes, it's included in our Premium Maintenance. We will clean your website within 24 hours.

Do you still have questions?

We are a team of WordPress experts dedicated to providing top-notch maintenance services to keep your website running smoothly. From bug fixes to security updates, our goal is to ensure your website is always performing at its best. W


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